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The Best iPhone 5S Back Protector

You know what’s great about iPhone 5S? Well, everything! It’s an exquisite phone made to perfection down to the last nanometer; but don’t you just hate it when you have to cover it up with an unsightly case? I know my hand is up!

We believe that protection for your iPhone 5S should not come at the expense of aesthetics. Now that’s a tough nut to crack, because iPhone cases have traditionally been hideous – just look at the stuff from Otterbox. We'll tell you why we love iPhone 5S back protectors in a second, but hold on.

Our beef with the iPhone 5S cases (or why iPhone cases suck!)

iPhone, no matter which model you have, is a “lifestyle device,” and you don’t truly own an iPhone unless you use and experience it every day in its naked raw form. Using your iPhone with a full-body case is like walking around in a 16th century floor-length gown. In other words, it’s ridiculous. You gotta check out iPhone 5S back protector.

iPhone 5S Back Protector In 2-Toned Black & Gray - Slip Stopper

Full-body covers totally change the dimensions of your iPhone. They add to the size and weight, and you end up using your phone through layers of cheap plastic or imitation leather. And, at the risk of sounding like a bunch of Apple fanboys, we think that’s not how iPhone is meant to be used.

A quick rundown of alternatives.


iPhone 5S Back Protector Covers

The first option that comes to the mind is a iPhone 5S back protector cover. Less bulkier than the full-body cases, back covers are good enough for most users. They’re definitely less appalling than cases and you can probably learn to live with one if mediocrity doesn’t bother you, but our palate is far too fine for something like a mass-produced back cover.

The problem with most back covers is that they’re cheap. We have no problem with a back cover being cheap, but they also look and feel cheap. And unless you can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a pure titanium case from Brikk, chances are that the back cover that “uniquely defines you as a person” also defines half a million other iPhone users.

iPhone 5S Skins - Are they good iPhone 5S Back Protectors?


This is as close as you can get to using your iPhone in its original form without the fear of scratching it. However, the common iPhone skins are nothing more than glorified screen protectors (ie: ZAGG iPhone 5 screen protector). They might protect your phone from scratches resulting from every day use, but they’re utterly useless if you drop your phone on the pavement. They also tend to have an undesirable glare whereas iPhone 5S’ back has a dominant matte finish.


Slip Stopper iPhone 5S back cover


But not all iPhone 5S back protector are created equal. There are gel skins that add unique styling and an extra layer of protection to your iPhone without making any aesthetic compromise. “How are gel skins better than normal iPhone skins?” You might ask. Gel skin back protectors for iPhone 5S have better shock-absorbing properties. Gel skins like Slipstopper kick it up a notch by making your phone less prone to accidental slips.

PS: If you're looking the best iPhone 5S screen protector, check out Slip Stopper's anti-shock screen protector. It prevents your iPhone's screen from shattering even if you hit it with a hammer.

Slipstopper iPhone 5S back protector


Our favorite back protector for iPhone 5S not only gets full points for providing great protection but also scores a million extra points for doing it with style that’s worthy of the device. The package comes with an anti-shatter screen protector too so you don’t have to buy one separately. We don’t want to toot our own horn here but Slipstopper is probably one of the best gel skins on the market for your iPhone 5S.


If you’re sick of compromising on looks and settling for hideous cases and back covers to protect your iPhone, it’s time for you try Slipstopper. We have a feeling that it’s going to be right up your alley :-). We think it's the best iPhone 5S back protector!

Written by Mark Zhang — November 21, 2013

The Only iPhone 5 Back Protector You Need

Slip Stopper

People often ask us what the best iPhone 5 Back Protector product is, because there are just so many options out there these days. It seems like even grandmas are making and selling iPhone cases and covers. Before we make any recommendations, let’s take a look at some of the options available. If you just want to see what our recommendation, just scroll down to the bottom last paragraph =)

Traditional iPhone 5 Back Protector – Cases

Chances are, if you are searching for back protectors for the iPhone 5, you aren’t looking for a bulky case. However, we do want to mention this option because cases do in fact protect the back of your iPhone 5. The only problem is that most cases add unnecessary weight and size to your device, which is an aesthetic nightmare. The iPhone 5 is such a beautiful device…so covering it up with a bulky and thick case is almost a sin. There are many case options available, and you can find thousands by simply going on eBay or Amazon.

Bloody No.

Perhaps iPhone 5 Back Protector Covers?

Covers are alternatives to protecting the back of your iPhone 5. This option adds less bulk compared to cases, and often consists of a piece of plastic that snaps on to the back of your device. The advantage of covers is that they are really easy to put on, and are less intrusive compared to cases. The problem is covers are often made out of cheap material that make your expensive iPhone 5 seem cheap. In addition, even though covers are thinner than cases, they still have considerable thickness, and ‘wraps around’ the side of your iPhone 5, making it appear thicker.

Skins as iPhone 5 Back Protector?

The next option on the list are iPhone 5 skins that could be used as the back protector. Skins have a few key advantages. The first thing you’ll notice is that they are razor thin, and simply sticks on to the back of your iPhone 5. This provides scratch protection for the back, and does not add any bulk to the back or sides of your iPhone 5. Skins also come in many designs that can add personality to your device, although you also have to be careful because many designs are just too silly, and take away the professionalism and elegance of the iPhone. The main disadvantage of skins as an iPhone 5 back protector, is that they add little to no protection. Other than protecting your iPhone 5 from scratches, there is little else.

Our Recommendation – Slip Stopper

We created Slip Stopper because we weren’t satisfied with the iPhone 5 Back Protector solutions on the market. Slip Stopper is a GEL skin that adds grip without the bulk of traditional iPhone 5 cases or covers. It also adds more protection compared to a normal skin, because the GEL material can absorb shock when putting your device on the table. There is also a beautiful Apple Logo cutout on the back to showcase the branding.

Slip Stopper iPhone 5 Back Protector

We may be a little bit biased (actually, probably very biased ^^), but we really do think Slip Stopper is the best solution on the market if you are looking for an iPhone 5 Back Protector. You can check it out at our official website

Also, do let us know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting us.

Hopefully this was helpful in your quest to find the best iPhone 5 Back Protector!

The Best iPhone 5 Gel Skin

Are You in the Market for an iPhone 5 Gel Skin?

If so, you are definitely reading the right article =). Keep reading and we’ll share with you what we believe to be the best iPhone 5 Gel Skin you can get!

Now, before we get started, many times when people think of “Gel Skin” or “Gel Case”, they think of this:

iPhone 5 Gel Skin FAIL

Trust us, the above is definitely NOT what we are talking about. Usually these iPhone 5 Gel Skins or iPhone 5 Gel Cases are hideous. They make your beautiful iPhone 5 look cheap, and they add unnecessary bulk to your device. We are pretty sure Johnny Ive (head designer for Apple) cries himself to sleep every night when he sees people using the above.

You know what the worst part is? Most of the time these “Gel Skins” are not made out of gel at all! They are usually made with cheap TPU material that feels plasticky in your hands and offers none of the benefit of a true gel skin.

iPhone 5 Gel Skin versus Normal Skin

You might also be wondering, what’s the difference between an iPhone 5 Gel Skin and a normal iPhone sticker skin? While both are considered skin products for your iPhone, the normal iPhone stickers you can find from Amazon or eBay are just that, a piece of sticker. They add very little protection to your device (except for preventing scratches), and the main benefit is adding design to your iPhone. Lack of protection aside, many times these designs just make your iPhone 5 look like a kid’s toy. The iPhone 5 is an industrial design marvel, and you want to show off that sleek design and maintain the professionalism rather than putting on a Hello-Kitty sticker.

Before we continue, let’s give you a little teaser of what a REAL sleek iPhone 5 Gel Skin looks like.

iPhone 5 Gel Skin - Slip Stopper


What are the Benefits of iPhone 5 Gel Skin

There are a few key advantages that an iPhone 5 Gel Skin has over normal skins and iPhone 5 cases. Compared to a normal iPhone 5 skin sticker, the gel skin offers better protection and shock absorption. When you put your iPhone 5 down on the table, you can do it without any concern because the gel acts as a cushion, and absorbs shock from the impact. In addition, the gel skin offers better grip in your hands compared to a normal skin, and provides anti-slip properties so you don’t accidentally flick your iPhone off the table.

Compared to cases, an iPhone 5 Gel skin is much sleeker and adds no bulk. The iPhone 5 is designed to be showed off, and you just can’t do that when your iPhone is wrapped up in a big and fat case (like the Otterbox or LifeProof).

Slip Stopper – The Best iPhone 5 Gel Skin

This is where we come in with Slip Stopper. We’re not going to make this into a big sales pitch, so we just encourage you to check out our Slip Stopper Store. Slip Stopper is a sim gel skin for your iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, and Samsung Galaxy S III that adds grip without the bulk. It’s created from a high quality gel resin and just feels awesome in your hands. You really have to try it. Here is another photo and some video reviews from our users.

And the video review:

Let us know if you have any questions and hopefully this has helped in your journey to find the perfect iPhone 5 Gel Skin!

Want Unique iPhone 5 Cases?

Looking for Unique iPhone 5 Cases?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Cliche? Absolutely. But it’s also true. So rather than writing, let’s just show you a picture of something truly elegant and unique for your iPhone 5 (the Slip Stopper is also available for iPhone 4, 4S, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S III, and more).

A truly unique iPhone 5 cases - Slip Stopper


Looking for Unique iPhone 5 Cases?

When the Apple iPhone first launched, having one was very unique. No body else had it, and there was this chic and cool factor that just couldn’t be described when you’re holding an iPhone. It was a whole new touch designed that had never been seen before. However, over the years with the continue rise of Apple iPhone’s popularity, more and more people now own the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are the best selling smartphones in HISTORY. The uniqueness was starting to disappear and the iPhone 5 started becoming a commodity.

In order to differentiate and express their personalities, iPhone owners naturally started going out and looking for unique iPhone 5 cases. At first, the novelty was there, and people really got a kick out of whipping out their Hello-Kitty iPhone 5 cases, or their big, bulky, and protective Otterbox Defender cases. These ‘unique iPhone 5 cases’ were more than what they appeared to be. People who bought a Hello-Kitty case made a statement that said ‘I like cuteness and I am cute’. People who bought Otterbox cases made a statement that said ‘I live a rugged lifestyle.’

However, there is just one problem:

Unique iPhone 5 Cases are No Longer Unique

That’s right, we said it. Pay attention the next time during your morning commute to work and take a look at people who are rockin’ iPhone 5 cases. Sure, some cases might be bigger and bulkier, while others are printed with all sorts of weird and fancy designs, but essentially these cases are ALL THE SAME.

Before we continue, here is another picture of the unique Slip Stopper skin case for the iPhone 5.

Check out this Unique iPhone 5 Case - Slip Stopper

Not only are most ‘unique’ iPhone 5 cases using the same, old, and uninspired design, but many of them just make the iPhone 5 look darn ugly. They either completely cover up the beautiful industrial design of the iPhone 5 and make the device super bulky, or they add a bunch of flowery and kiddish designs that make the iPhone 5 look cheap – like a kid’s toy. Neither of these situation is ideal, so it’s no wonder you’re having such a hard time finding the right unique iPhone 5 cases.

No More Unique iPhone 5 Cases – Just Go Naked?

If you took your iPhone 5 out of its ugly cover/case and just used it naked, you’ll instantly stand out. Why? Because everyone else has their device covered up in some horrendously bulky case or Hello-Kitty inspired cover. You’ll be the only person during your morning commute who is actually using and appreciating the slim design of the iPhone 5.

But, there is a problem. The only real flaw with the iPhone 5 (and iPhone 4 and 4S for that matter), is that the back is way too slippery. In order to achieve whatever industrial design standards deemed by Apple as appropriate, the back of these devices use material that’s just super slippery. Design is one thing, but utility is also important. What good is it if you constantly risk having your iPhone 5 slip out of your hands?

Slip Stopper Skin Case to the Rescue

Wait, before we continue, one more photo =)

Check it out, Slip Stopper Unique iPhone 5 Skin Case

We were frustrated by the uninspired designs of iPhone 5 cases, and we knew that the slipperiness of the iPhone was a real issue. The solution? We created Slip Stopper for the iPhone 5, 4S, and 4. Slip Stopper is a slim gel skin for the iPhone that adds grip without the bulk. It preserves the natural flow and beauty of the iPhone. You can check it out at

Contact us if you have any questions.

Enough self promotion, hopefully this blog post was amusing and helpful in ending your quest for unique iPhone 5 cases.

Looking for a Non-Slip iPhone Back?

We Got a Non-Slip iPhone Back For You

If you are looking for a non-slip iPhone back for your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 4, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Apple iPhone is an exquisitely designed device; one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market. The only real flaw is that the back is very slippery. With the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the back is made out of glass, and while it looks fantastic, the glass is just really slippery in your hands or pockets. iPhone 5 improved on this by having an aluminum back, which certainly adds more grip, but it’s still a fairly slick and slippery material.

Slip Stopper Non-Slip iPhone Back

This is why we created Slip Stopper, a non-slip iPhone back skin sticker. Slip Stopper is created from a soft gel resin, which not only protects the back of your iPhone, but also adds fantastic grip and is non-slip.

Non-Slip iPhone Back Slip Stopper

We ran into the same issues as you did before we created Slip Stopper. There are many cases available on the market, but they are often ugly, big, or bulky. Sure, they are non-slip, but they completely ruin the design of your beautiful iPhone. We wanted to create something that was minimalistic for the iPhone back, yet at the same time added non-slip properties.

Another issue with non-slip iPhone back cases or skins, is that some materials will stick in your pocket, which is very annoying. With Slip Stopper, you don’t have to worry about this issue. The specially treated gel resin adds grip in your hands and is non-slip on tables and car docks, but is smooth when sliding into your pockets or bags. The magic of science! =)

You definitely don’t want any residue on your iPhone with any non-slip iPhone back skin case. The adhesive we used with Slip Stopper is the patented 3M technology, which is reusable and leaves zero residue or sticky marks on your iPhone. You can apply and reapply as many times as you want, so go wild!

In the market for a non-slip iPhone back?

If you are in the market for a non-slip iPhone back skin, we encourage you to check out our product, Slip Stopper. We originally launched on KickStarter and had a fantastic reception from the community. You can also check out some videos below from the YouTube community.

We make this non-slip iPhone back skin product for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4. We are also always updating Slip Stopper for the latest and greatest iOS and Android devices. Check it out at

Non-slip iPhone Back.

Unique iPhone 5 Case

Looking for A Unique iPhone 5 Case?


Are you looking for a Unique iPhone 5 Case? If so, boy do we have some great news for you. Slip Stopper is a slim and unique iPhone 5 Skin Case that adds grip without the bulk. Right now, we have some special promotions going on, where you can either get this Unique iPhone 5 Case at 10% discount or for FREE!

Unique iPhone 5 Case – Only 7 Days Left for Discount

The 10% discount on iPhone 5 Slip Stopper pre-orders will come to an end in 7 days! We are getting ready to launch and ship the product later this month. The Slip Stopper for iPhone 4/4S was a huge hit, and we took your feedback and made the product even better. In addition to making the skin 15% thinner, we also added additional color options. If you are looking to get your hands on one, take advantage of the 10% discount and get our unique iPhone 5 case within 7 days.

Free Unique iPhone 5 Case Slip Stopper Every Week

We are also giving away a free iPhone 5 Slip Stopper Skin Case every week until the end of the year on our Facebook page. All you have to do is to visit and claim the offer! Please also share with your friends =).

Get a free unique iPhone 5 case!

Take advantage of this offer and you could win a free Slip Stopper Unique iPhone 5 Case!

iPhone 5 Cases are for Fruitcakes

Definition of a ‘Fruitcake’: a crazy person.

People who put cases over their iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 are, without a doubt, Fruitcakes. Crazies. They must be out of their minds! Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars to purchase an exquisitely designed iPhone, then immediately cover it up with an ugly and bulky case?

They might be thinking, ‘oh, but my unique iPhone 4 cases or unique iPhone 5 cases add personality to my device.’ Unfortunately no.  All the ‘uniqueness’ they injected simply turned an industrial design device into a cheap and plasticky-looking toy.

‘But, but, I want to protect my expensive iPhone!’ the Fruitcakes argue. Well…if protection means destroying style, they might as well pick up a cheap Android phone and pretend to have an iPhone 5 or 4. No body can tell the difference anyway from far away.

Do you remember those ‘unique’ iPhone 4 cases that Apple made, called Apple Bumpers? They have been discontinued for the iPhone 5.

Killed. Dead.

Why? Because Jony Ive was pissing in his pants trying to kill it. You don’t get the world’s greatest industrial designer to create the most beautiful and precise iPhone we have ever seen, the iPhone 5,  and then cover it up with rubber. It goes against everything Apple believes in. The ugly Apple Bumpers only ever existed because the original iPhone 4 had antenna issues.

Oh no, but the Fruitcakes are not done yet, they argue ‘the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are so slippery! I gotta put a pink Hello Kitty silicon case to add some grip!’

Do you know what we say to that?

We say, well…they’re right. They’re absolutely right.

The only real issue with the iPhone 4 and 5 is the slipperiness. In the pursuit of ultimate design, Apple chose material that just makes the iPhone 4 and 5 so darn slippery. What good is the iPhone 5 if it slips out of your hand and smashes into the concrete floor?

That’s why we created Slip Stopper. A sexy and slim gel skin for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 that adds grip without the bulk. It blends in and shows off your iPhone’s design, and it’s got a texture you’ll want to touch. Check out Slip Stopper.

Or not…but we think you’ll like it =)


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    "Put this on and enjoy the feel of your iPhone. Slip Stopper is a definite GO "

    Flossy Carter - YouTube Celeb

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    "The white one makes my iPhone hotter than an actual white iPhone! "

    Alex Mann - KickStarter Backer

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