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Looking for Unique iPhone 5 Cases?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Cliche? Absolutely. But it’s also true. So rather than writing, let’s just show you a picture of something truly elegant and unique for your iPhone 5 (the Slip Stopper is also available for iPhone 4, 4S, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S III, and more).

A truly unique iPhone 5 cases - Slip Stopper


Looking for Unique iPhone 5 Cases?

When the Apple iPhone first launched, having one was very unique. No body else had it, and there was this chic and cool factor that just couldn’t be described when you’re holding an iPhone. It was a whole new touch designed that had never been seen before. However, over the years with the continue rise of Apple iPhone’s popularity, more and more people now own the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are the best selling smartphones in HISTORY. The uniqueness was starting to disappear and the iPhone 5 started becoming a commodity.

In order to differentiate and express their personalities, iPhone owners naturally started going out and looking for unique iPhone 5 cases. At first, the novelty was there, and people really got a kick out of whipping out their Hello-Kitty iPhone 5 cases, or their big, bulky, and protective Otterbox Defender cases. These ‘unique iPhone 5 cases’ were more than what they appeared to be. People who bought a Hello-Kitty case made a statement that said ‘I like cuteness and I am cute’. People who bought Otterbox cases made a statement that said ‘I live a rugged lifestyle.’

However, there is just one problem:

Unique iPhone 5 Cases are No Longer Unique

That’s right, we said it. Pay attention the next time during your morning commute to work and take a look at people who are rockin’ iPhone 5 cases. Sure, some cases might be bigger and bulkier, while others are printed with all sorts of weird and fancy designs, but essentially these cases are ALL THE SAME.

Before we continue, here is another picture of the unique Slip Stopper skin case for the iPhone 5.

Check out this Unique iPhone 5 Case - Slip Stopper

Not only are most ‘unique’ iPhone 5 cases using the same, old, and uninspired design, but many of them just make the iPhone 5 look darn ugly. They either completely cover up the beautiful industrial design of the iPhone 5 and make the device super bulky, or they add a bunch of flowery and kiddish designs that make the iPhone 5 look cheap – like a kid’s toy. Neither of these situation is ideal, so it’s no wonder you’re having such a hard time finding the right unique iPhone 5 cases.

No More Unique iPhone 5 Cases – Just Go Naked?

If you took your iPhone 5 out of its ugly cover/case and just used it naked, you’ll instantly stand out. Why? Because everyone else has their device covered up in some horrendously bulky case or Hello-Kitty inspired cover. You’ll be the only person during your morning commute who is actually using and appreciating the slim design of the iPhone 5.

But, there is a problem. The only real flaw with the iPhone 5 (and iPhone 4 and 4S for that matter), is that the back is way too slippery. In order to achieve whatever industrial design standards deemed by Apple as appropriate, the back of these devices use material that’s just super slippery. Design is one thing, but utility is also important. What good is it if you constantly risk having your iPhone 5 slip out of your hands?

Slip Stopper Skin Case to the Rescue

Wait, before we continue, one more photo =)

Check it out, Slip Stopper Unique iPhone 5 Skin Case

We were frustrated by the uninspired designs of iPhone 5 cases, and we knew that the slipperiness of the iPhone was a real issue. The solution? We created Slip Stopper for the iPhone 5, 4S, and 4. Slip Stopper is a slim gel skin for the iPhone that adds grip without the bulk. It preserves the natural flow and beauty of the iPhone. You can check it out at

Contact us if you have any questions.

Enough self promotion, hopefully this blog post was amusing and helpful in ending your quest for unique iPhone 5 cases.

Written by STOPPER Team — January 28, 2013

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    "The white one makes my iPhone hotter than an actual white iPhone! "

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