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Definition of a ‘Fruitcake’: a crazy person.

People who put cases over their iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 are, without a doubt, Fruitcakes. Crazies. They must be out of their minds! Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars to purchase an exquisitely designed iPhone, then immediately cover it up with an ugly and bulky case?

They might be thinking, ‘oh, but my unique iPhone 4 cases or unique iPhone 5 cases add personality to my device.’ Unfortunately no.  All the ‘uniqueness’ they injected simply turned an industrial design device into a cheap and plasticky-looking toy.

‘But, but, I want to protect my expensive iPhone!’ the Fruitcakes argue. Well…if protection means destroying style, they might as well pick up a cheap Android phone and pretend to have an iPhone 5 or 4. No body can tell the difference anyway from far away.

Do you remember those ‘unique’ iPhone 4 cases that Apple made, called Apple Bumpers? They have been discontinued for the iPhone 5.

Killed. Dead.

Why? Because Jony Ive was pissing in his pants trying to kill it. You don’t get the world’s greatest industrial designer to create the most beautiful and precise iPhone we have ever seen, the iPhone 5,  and then cover it up with rubber. It goes against everything Apple believes in. The ugly Apple Bumpers only ever existed because the original iPhone 4 had antenna issues.

Oh no, but the Fruitcakes are not done yet, they argue ‘the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are so slippery! I gotta put a pink Hello Kitty silicon case to add some grip!’

Do you know what we say to that?

We say, well…they’re right. They’re absolutely right.

The only real issue with the iPhone 4 and 5 is the slipperiness. In the pursuit of ultimate design, Apple chose material that just makes the iPhone 4 and 5 so darn slippery. What good is the iPhone 5 if it slips out of your hand and smashes into the concrete floor?

That’s why we created Slip Stopper. A sexy and slim gel skin for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 that adds grip without the bulk. It blends in and shows off your iPhone’s design, and it’s got a texture you’ll want to touch. Check out Slip Stopper.

Or not…but we think you’ll like it =)

Written by STOPPER Team — January 28, 2013

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    "Put this on and enjoy the feel of your iPhone. Slip Stopper is a definite GO "

    Flossy Carter - YouTube Celeb

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    "The white one makes my iPhone hotter than an actual white iPhone! "

    Alex Mann - KickStarter Backer

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