Slip Stopper - Coolest iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Cases

Challenge the Status Quo and Say NO! to iPhone Cases.

Offering unique and stylish anti-slip protection, Slip Stopper is a slim gel sticker for the iPhone 4/4S that adds grip without the bulk. Our product preserves the natural flow and beauty of your iPhone 4/4S, while addressing the extremely slippery glass construction. You no longer need to sacrifice style by wrapping a case around your iPhone. Standout with the Slip Stopper.

The Story Behind the Inspiration

As gadget geeks who love our iPhones, we're always torn. Here's the dilemma:

On the one hand, we're tempted to put a big case over our iPhone 4/4S for grip. But the problem is, even the thinnest cases add bulk and disturb the natural flow and beauty of our phone, especially something gorgeous like the iPhone 4/4S.

On the other hand, if we didn't put a case on, the iPhone 4/4S is just too darn slippery with its glass construction. The naked glass also shatters easily, which is no good.

Then we started thinking, what if we could have a simple and minimalistic adhesive on the front and back of the iPhone 4/4S that doesn't add bulk, and at the same time, provided more grip and protection to the glass? Initially, we tried looking for a product like this, but no one is making it; not even the big case manufacturers. So, we decided to do it ourselves.

The KickStarter Saga

To raise money for the manufacturing process, and to see if people are actually interested in the product, we launched the Slip Stopper KickStarter campaign. Despite initial challenges and hurdles, we got coverage in several tech blogs, ran a few small media buy operations, and hustled our way to a successful ending. We raised over $5,100, which is 114% of our goal of $4,500.

Slip Stopper KickStarter Performance

With 300 initial orders behind our backs from KickStarter, we knew that there would be a niche for us to work with.

Shopify Store Launches

100% of the fund raised from KickStarter went into the production process. After many iterations and samples to improve the product, we secured a very reliable manufacturer to mass produce the awesome Slip Stopper you see today :)

The most amazing part of this journey is the fact that with technology, a small team like ours can take a concept, test the market, raise money, mass produce the product, and launch an online store in just 3-4 months. Technology and service providers like KickStarter and Shopify really makes entrepreneurs'  lives easier!

Join us on this journey and challenge the status quo of uninspired iPhone accessories. Check out the unique and stylish Slip Stopper!


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    "Put this on and enjoy the feel of your iPhone. Slip Stopper is a definite GO "

    Flossy Carter - YouTube Celeb

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    "The white one makes my iPhone hotter than an actual white iPhone! "

    Alex Mann - KickStarter Backer

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